The Definitive Woke Company List

#DefundWoke believes companies should stay out of politics, especially in times such as this. The boycott movements on the left have had the effect of forcing companies to bow down to them and begin funding those of certain political persuasions. We have all seen job losses and lives ruined by the Woke brigade, forcing companies to sack employees for wrong-think and not doing as the mob demands. It appears we live in Orwellian times, those of us who see the situation as it is should not be funding these movements – instead, we should be supporting companies that stay out of politics or show support for the American ideals of liberty and freedom of speech.

Our aim is to encourage the neutrality of companies, and if that isn’t possible we will show you companies that use your money to fund and/or promote ideologies that run counter to your own. Future lists will have companies that are pro-conservative so that you may choose to do business with those that support the causes you agree with. We will in the near future develop a directory of companies with far more information on as many companies as possible, which will allow you to easily search businesses to use in different sectors. So please bookmark us, share this page and help push the #DefundWoke movement, and make our money talk.

Please note that this list was compiled on Medium, the article was censored. It is currently on Gab and the person who compiled it can be found here. The list was based on companies that publicly pledged support and/or funding to BLM, Antifa, and associated groups. We believe these groups seek to cause division in our nation, overthrow the system and hype up social justice issues for the purposes of power and creating legitimacy to attack dissidents of woke ideology.

While we believe Racism exists among all races and the entire world, it was becoming a minor problem in the West, until the past 10 years. Recently there seems to of been a drive to create a wedge between people for political purposes and for groups to maintain relevance in a post-racist world. To any sensible individual, what has happened recently has drastically worsened race relations, eroded the social fabric of the west, and created persecution of those with differing opinions.

Its attacking free speech, law and order, liberty, and the Republic itself. We don’t believe this movement can lead to anything positive, only persecution, division, and chaos. No hard facts are being shown to support what is being alleged. As such companies should avoid taking a political stand in all instances, but especially when a movement such as this could lead to a total collapse of our country and a rapid increase in hatred, violence, and loss of liberties.

We believe that regular people that are concerned about what is happening and its parallels with events in history that led to terrible things – should avoid doing business with these companies until they declare neutrality to sensitive political subjects. We should instead be spending our money with companies that do not promote and fund such movements and have the courage to resist the attacks from the Cult, by staying neutral.

Below you will find a list of major companies that have decided to take a stance and promote the Woke Ideology. We suggest not doing business with them, where possible, and demand they stay out of politics.

If you know of a company not on the list that has taken a stance politically, please do let us know with proof and we will add it to the list.

As an alternative to most online retailers, Newegg appears to of taken no stance politically and should be used instead of Amazon and eBay.


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