Vision 1

it’s in a desert, and in this scene is a fig tree (The Tree of Life). The sky is black with locusts, innumerable amounts. The Tree of Life is left bare following its encounter. A Sun rises a new Sun. The heat from the Sun kills the Locusts, following this, Scarab Beetles consume the Locusts and clean up the destruction.

Vision 2

A Snake and a Crocodile await by a riverbank, they are in communication. The Snake is the wise one, remains coiled up awaiting but the Crocodile has the strength. A woman is nearby with a basket on her head, with 2 children playing near the river bank. The Snake acts and causes the Children to become startled and fall into the river. The crocodile kills the children. The woman runs to her village, she is consoled but the villagers are fearful to go near the water. Time goes by and they are out of the water and food, but remain fearful. The situation worsens. The villagers turn on the Woman whose children were killed, blaming her for the misfortune of causing the river to be filled with blood. They banish her from the village for the evil she brought to them.


My interpretation is. Fig Tree (Christianity) represents the foundation that our society is built on, morally, culturally, and economically. The Locusts represent the angry mob who consumes and destroys this. The New Sun (Bear in mind the old sun was Jesus) represents the Anti-Christ (Horus-Ra – The First and the Last), who destroys the Locusts and the Scarab Beetles are the followers who restructure this world in a new image. The New Sun brings forth a new order and is perceived as a savior. The destruction of morality and the barbarous nature of humanity results in Satan taking command to bring order to the world through a brutal world dictatorship. The time on earth is hellish but he brings order to a broken world. Satan is the one used to clean up the mess of sinful humanity and to punish. A nation exists separate from the brutal tyranny of the Anti-Christ which encompasses most of the world, one where the civilized people follow God’s commands and live in freedom.

The 2nd vision, I will interpret as China being the Woman. Her Children represent its people who were killed by Coronavirus. The fear of this causes economic destruction, famines, and extreme hardships. The Village represents the World that turns on China and banishes her from the global community. This act is critical in manifesting the 1st vision. Fear (Lockdowns etc) is the destroyer, the turning on China leads to war. The Mob represents the unruly who consume the very systems of the world in the midst of such chaos, in addition to the general destruction occurring from war, famines, etc.

The conclusion I come to, we should avoid acting in absolute fear of the virus. The fear will cause damage, leading to the attack and banishment of China who merely suffered from the virus initially. The vision shows the river is just there, what they need is not far away but fear keeps them away from it. The Banishment of China, for an act that she suffered from, is unjust. This leads to WW3 ending in the destruction that leads to the Anti-Christ rising, who brings order to the chaos.

To avoid this, lockdowns must end. Fear must end and China is not to blame. To prevent the destruction of the tree of life, people should refrain from trying to tear down the foundations of our societies (Culture, Religion, Government, and Economy). Failure to do so results in the end times commencing. If the Anti-Christ comes to clean up the mess, Remember that force is like flies and maggots who clear up shit and it also represents brutal order used on barbarous people such as Ancient Egypt’s beginnings and other dictatorial systems in ancient times. The system will be brutal, terrifying, and hellish. A people that are not moral enough to be free, become slaves to tyranny in preference to savagery.


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