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T-Mobile is one of the largest Telecomms companies in America, it’s one of several advertisers that have pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson for speaking the truth, as a result of Woke pressure. The company appears to pander and is becoming involved politically. They have pushed the BLM hashtag, got in on the prevailing madness more so than most companies, and have linked to BLM Petitions and Donation Pages. They have a history of supporting radical anti-christian, anti-conservative – Marxist movements. Boycott This Company above all others.

Is T-Mobile a Conservative Company?

Historically it did donate and support Conservatives more so than Democrats, however, this appears more to do with the bottom line than ideology. In recent times this trend has reversed and it has become a Woke Company, making political stances and submitting to the cultists.

Is T-Mobile a Christian Company

Definitely not, it’s a soulless corporation that sells out to the prevailing madness. It supports Anti-Christian movements.

Political Contributions

The data is currently not available in graph form, but in 2020 contributions are as follows: Republican: $315k and Democrats: $371.5k.

T-Mobile is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom, their contributions are as follows:

Deutche Telecom Political Contributions

Taken from OpenSecrets.org.

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