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Overstock is an American Online Retailer that originally sold discounted surplus home furnishings and other merchandise. Currently, however, it has expanded its range to include new products as well.

Is Overstock a Conservative Company?

Historically yes, it has been known to make political contributions almost solely to Republican Candidates and PACs. They have also been a little more withdrawn in political support for Woke Causes. In 2020 however, they have made political statements in favor of Radical Woke Movements – they have also put a banner at the top of their site for an extended period of time showing support for the Anti-State, Anti-Police and Pro-Marxist organization Black Lives Matter.

This indicates they are shifting towards pandering to Woke Ideology and are likely to open up their company to a shift internally and allow Woke Ideology to take control. Its a shame that this is the case, but if Conservatives show signs of disapproval with them taking political stances – this may be enough to direct them back to neutrality.

Under Patrick Byrne, the company was decidedly Pro-Trump but was forced to resign due to controversy surrounding a statement concerning the deep state. He was also a big supporter of Bitcoin as a way of taking down Wall Street. His replacement is less dedicated to the cause.

Current CEO Jonathan E. Johnson ran for Governor of Utah in 2016 but was beaten in the primary by Governor Gary Herbert.

Is Overstock a Christian Company?

They display no allegiance to any Religion currently.

Overstock Political Contributions

Overstock Political Contributions

Taken from OpenSecrets.org.

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