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Epic Games

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Politics: Woke
Religion: Anti-Christian
Ownership: USA

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Epic Games is a Video Games Company that became incredibly popular following the success of Fortnight. They currently have a video game store that seeks to compete directly with Steam and are known for their weekly free games.

Is Epic Games a Conservative Company?

No, Epic Games have made stands on several Woke Issues including BLM recently. They have made their position quite clear and should be considered a Woke Company to Boycott if you have Conservative Values. The culture of the company is Woke, and the company is Partially owned (40%) by the Chinese company Tencent.

Epic Games BLM Statement

Taken from Twitter.

Is Epic Games a Christian Company?

Epic Games has made no religious statements, but their company values and culture are antithetical to Christian Teachings.

Epic Games Political Contributions

Epic Games Political Contributions

Taken from OpenSecrets.org.

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