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Politics: Leans Woke
Religion: Neutral
Ownership: USA

2.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #8 in category Retail
eBay is a better option than Amazon and most other large online retailers, except New Egg which seems to stay clear of politics publicly.
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How Christian
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eBay is an American based e-commerce platform, that enables users to sell products. It was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar an American-Iranian born in France, it was a huge success – especially in the early 2000s.

Is eBay a Conservative Company?

eBay is not a Conservative Company from what we can gather, the company donates more heavily towards Democrats. They also did come out with a statement concerning the George Floyd Anarchic-Communist Riots of 2020 (Falsely made about Racism), although they made donations to Anti-Racism groups they didn’t mention Black Lives Matter or any other extremist groups, or donate to them.  Currently, we have labeled them as leans woke due to the few statements they have made and a heavy emphasis on their diversity and inclusion policies – which while not radical like many others does show they are catering towards Woke Ideology.

Is eBay a Christian Company?

No eBay is not a Christian Company, it generally avoids statements regarding such matters. Its business practice and culture do not adhere to Christian Values.

Should a Conservative or Christian use eBay?

If there is an alternative available that practices our values and promotes causes in line with them, we’d suggest not using eBay. With that said, sometimes it may be difficult to find a good company that provides what you are looking for – leaving you potentially with a choice between eBay and Amazon. In this case, we’d suggest using eBay and avoid Amazon & its services at all costs.

eBay Political Contributions

eBay Political Contributions

Taken from OpenSecrets.org.


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